Tuesday, October 7, 2008

seriously.. BIG TROUBLE!

So I had been telling Dayna that I was gonna take Ethan to get his hair cut, every time it was windy he looked like Donald trump with a little comb over going on.. and we live in a windy city! lol. So Dayna kept telling me that he could do it himself.."NO" was my reply!

So Sunday morning Dayna kindly let me sleep in and aparently came in and asked if he could cut it and I sad " sure".. mmmhhh whatever.. so anyways, he cut it, and between us.. I LOVE IT, but i am stillmaking him sweat about it! lol

here is a before and after. He looks sooo much bigger now!


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The Whiddens said...

Aw, he loos like such a big boy now with short hair. How cute is he????