Friday, October 17, 2008

hip hip horray, Grandad is here for a stay!

My dad flew in on Sunday for a 2 weeks stay. We are so excited to have him with us. He's hilarious, and such a great dad & grandfather. We have been on tons of shopping trips, I do try to tell him that just because the kids say they like sometihng does not mean to say they have to have it. I am also banning him from the local bakery, he takes them there every day to get dougnuts, treats, and whatever they like.. serious sugar high. Anyone that knows my dad, knows he's can shop anyone under the table, including me, and that takes alot!!!

We also went to the park today, and had soo much fun. He's a big kid! Today is actually his 59th birthday, so i will post pics of that later!
It's so great to have him here. I wish my mum was here too, but she had to stay home with my sister. It's so cute to hear him on the phone, they really miss each other!.. still! lol

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