Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've been tagged!

Things I am PASSIONATE About...
1. my kids
2. been a great wife
3. having a tidy home
4. my religeon
5. friends
6. Staying healthy
7. reading
8. having my girl time

8 "words" or "phrases" I say way to often...
1. " for the love"
2. " i said no"
3. " please go to sleep"
4. " mom is gonna lose it"
5. " this too shall pass"
6. " do we have money in the bank"?
7. " i used to be cute"
8. When are you going to be home ?

8 Things I want to do before I die...
1. see my kids grow
2. become a grandma!
3. Have no debt
4. figure out how to be better at everything
5. serve another mission
6. travel
7. lose my last 30lbs
8. get a tummy tuck!

8 Things I have learned From my past...
1. Trials make you stronger
2. If you don't like something...change your attitude .. i stole this from Nancy!
3. choosing the right is always the best option...stole that one too, but its true!
4. anger solves nothing.. but feels good for a few minutes!
5. make and choose good friends, they influence your life a lot.
6. This too shall pass
7. waiting for the right person is worth it!
8.get your education

8 Places I would love to see...
1. Hawaii
2. new york shopping and plays.. wow!
3. Mormon history tour
4. all the temples
5. australlia/new zealand. that side of the world
6. disney
7. beaches
8. beaches!

8 Things I Currently Need or Want...
1. A pedicure
2. A new hair colour
3. A new big house mortgage free!!!!
4. more christmas stuff!!
5. A hot bath and chocolate
6. A new wardrobe (always)
7. vinyl lettering ... glad i'm not the only one addicted to this!
8. a size 6 pair of jeans.. that would fit! hahahah

8 More People I Tag!
1. angie adair
2. angie johnson
3. julie
4. zoe
5. carmen
7. anyone that reads!


Angie said...

Ooooh...this one is going to cause me to "think!" And so funny how you say, "for the love..." My mom says that ALL the time and has got my girls saying it too! lol...

The Lowry's said...

I like this tag. I actually already did it a couple days ago. It is fun to see everyone's answers and learn a little bit more about that person. Can't wait for Tuesday!