Tuesday, July 15, 2008

my cute tanned kids!!

I am so glad they get their skin from the Dressel's!! My whole family burns like a crisp, and the Dressel side look at the sun and they look like they have been in mexico for a month. I think Grace will tan so great :) I am happy for her! lol Though I do keep her out of the sun and she does wear spf50! lol

Here are some pics of this week, one day I will get a nice picture of them altogether!

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Bek said...

They are so cute... AND tan.. even though I don't have red hair, I might as well. I just freckle.... Lu tans pretty well, the middle two...well, they came with a tan, MY Grace is as fair as I am..

WOW about the floods. I am so glad that your home was mostly ok. I love seeing pictures of your sweet home and your adorable kids!