Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm so proud, of my friends!

Yesterday two of my friends took part in a sprint triathalon. They had to swim in the dam ( equivelent to 29 laps of a apool), bike 26Kilometers and then run a 5k race.

Stephanie, had twins last year and has another 2 children too. She was so detemined she was gonna do it, and she did. I went to cheer them both on, I didn't realise how emotional i would be, when Steph crossed the line i was bawling.. ( maybe no one is suprised at that) lol
Mackenzie, did so great too. She's a personal trainer and i think this was her first triathalon too. She is always giving me good work out tips. she did so good.
I truly was so proud of them both... way to go girls!
I am thinking of training for one next year. Not the same one, as i could not swim in a dam, ( anyone that knows me, knows i am terrified of water in my face), and they both said that was so hard, the water was ice cold and people were all jumping at the same time, and they both said they felt panicky.. they are both good swimmers, iso i would have no chance! The one i am thinking about is a little shorter too. it's 20 laps IN a pool, 15k bike and a 5k run.. so i have a whole year to learn how to ride a bike.. Dayna said he would fit training wheels on a bike for me, and i would be just fine ;) and then i have to run more than 1 mile without having a heart attack first! lol

here are some pics of the day!

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