Monday, April 7, 2008

house stuff!

Well the house below sold, but they didn't take it down from the website... however, after talking to the owner, we found out that Dayna actually paints for him! So we told us he would build us a house.. sounds great, right, but he HATES doing 2 story homes, and that is what we would want to build, if we were to do so from scratch. He does have a few plans that we would go look at. His work was great, hardwood, granite, nice quality stuff. It's 20 mins away from town, in a smaller town, that is mainly LDS. I'm just not 100% sure if I want to be out of town. I am so used to going to the grocery store whenever.. which is funny becuase in England, it would take you 20 mins to get anywhere with the traffic.. so i don't know what my problem is!! lol
here is the plan we were wanting, we should be able to build it for about the same price, but I am a worry wort, and have to find out about how to finance etc. We are withthe worst mortgage company in the world. if we back out of the mortgage, they charge u $10k.. can u say insane!!

so, thats where we are at... still deciding!


Andrea said...

Hi Heidi! Good work on your blog! OK I LOVE your floor plan!! It is completely everything I am looking at as well!! Four bedrooms and a bonus room...and definitely a two-storey! Where are you building and who is your builder? Good luck with everything and talk to you later!

Heather said...

Gorgeous, just gorgeous! Good luck!!

The Whiddens said...

That house looks amazing! That will be so nice to have a house that is brand new! I hope everything works out for you guys so you can get it. I'm sure Raymond won't be bad at all. Living out of town is so much more relaxing, I think.
I am the same way about driving to the store. Here in Elkford, we now have to drive 15 minutes to get groceries. I just have to remember that we would drive the same distance in Edmonton, just to go see my parents or go to Walmart and Jared used to drive 40 mintues to get to work.