Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the wiggles....

So today I heard on the radio that ' The wiggles' are coming to town. I was so excited! I thought we could take the girls. I called the ticket office and the prices were crazy ( in my opinion), but I know Grace would love love love it. So I booked 2 tickets for Grace & I to go. A little part of me feels bad for Ella, BUT she will only just be 2, and probably won't remember it. Dayna is going to take her somewhere fun that night and spoil her too.. ( please tell me i'm not the world's worse mom for not taking her.) I have a HUGE issue with things like this. I know somethings are not age appropriate for one child over another etc, but growing up the middle child I always felt likeI got the raw deal sometimes, so I guess i try to over compensate, and make sure everything is equal etc.. Dayna thinks i'm crazy! lol

so anyways, my good friend Mackenzie and her daughter bridgit are going to join us!!!


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