Monday, March 10, 2008

new kiddo pictures!

well I finally got around to getting some pics of the little ones.

I had a melt down before i even got to the photographers!! Ella refused to get in the bath, ( i had to force her), then she would not wear her cardigan with her dress, so I then had to put a long sleeved shirt under it. I decided to trim graces hair myself, well you know how that would go.. it's now 4 inches shorter ( please don't look to close angie)! lol it so not straight but oh well!! Then i got Ethan changed and he threw up all over!! so by the time i got there my blood pressure was through the roof!!

I never in a million years expected to get a picture that was half decent. I even told the photographer, just take a picture, i don't care if they are smiling, crying, just snap them!! But as the world would have it, they behaved really well!! ... they got candy afterwards!

here it is!

my little cherubs :)
my fav part, is Ethans look, he looks sooo traumatised!! lol

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