Wednesday, March 19, 2008

truly blessed

I wanted to write this, mainly so in times to come I will remember it! We got the medical report back from Ethan. It looks like he caught a bad virus. It is one of the #1 causes of bacterial meningitis. How grateful I am that he did not get this terrible thing. What was really weird, is that i called my mom to tell her and she said " oh my, Heidi, do you not remember the day before Ethan was admitted into the hospital he had a weird red spot on his tummy that wouldn't go away. Your doc said it was nothing to worry about as it was alone."... then he was given a blessing, and said he would fight whatever was going on in his body.

So I am feeling very humbled and grateful for preisthood blessing.

He's doing great! He's now 18lbs at 4.5 months ( nothing wrong with his eating!! lol) he's the heaviest of my babies by far. Grace wasn't even 20lbs when she hit her 1st birthday!!


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angie said...

I am so glad everything turned out ok. What would we do without the preisthood?