Friday, March 28, 2008


This week Dayna and I saw our 'dream' home come on the market.. or so we thought. It was an older character home, with 1.2 acres of land, and the owners said it had all been 're-done'. So off we went to look at it. Well it had been done, but really badly, and basically, we would want to re-do it all again... and after renovating our last home, that was not an option ( for me)!lol. As we drove around the town we were looking at, Dayna said " oh i will show you the home i just painted".. we drove up, and I told Dayna to go ask if he has sold it, because i wanted it! lol It was sold, but Dayna said he was pretty sure they would build for us. So now, we are trying to decide if to design our own, which would be a 2 story plus a basment, or bu one that has just been done. As i type this, I am waiting for our realtor to come and give us a price on our current home.. I hope it's enough! lol
here is ONE of the home that i liked. It was 3000st ft, 5 beds, 3 bathrooms, and it will be landscaped and finished!
watch this space!....


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