Saturday, February 16, 2008

she's gone!

have a nice time...

Grace has gone to spend the week with her Grandparents. They live about 2 hr away, and they came to visit this weekend. They also had my niece for a few days, so i suggested Grace went too. She hasn't spent any time alone for about 18 months with them. So we packed her off til friday. I have to say, I am both very nervous and excited. I just hope she behaves herself!! WE have had some power struggles and tantrums lately. So i hope she had a good time!. She's only been gone a few hours, and I miss her already.. but it's quiet! lol

Anyways, Have a good time, Baby Grace xx

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MamatoLittleLouLou said...

Hey!! I can post comments now!! HOORAY!!!