Saturday, January 26, 2008

what a great idea kenz


My really good friend Mackenzie, ( here she is with her adorable daughter, graces best friend).. hosted such a great 'girls night in' party. Usually once a month we go out with the girls for a meal, and 'girl chat'.. oh those chats are hilarious. I really look forward to getting together with all the girls! Anyways, as a favour to a friend she hosted a 'creative memories' display. Basically we all ate too much, and talked too much about our kids! lol
The next day mackenzie called and suggested what I thought was a great idea. When we have the girls night in, we should either pick a topic to discuss, have someone come around and show us how to make something ( some of our friends are AMAZING cooks), or show us a craft they are doing.. and also a book exchange... I am soo excited. As much as I love my children, and you all know i do.. sometimes it's good to remember we are women too!!.. so Thanks kenz for a great idea!.. see you next month at your house.. ! ps, did i tell you she is so talented in herself!.. she modelled in Japan for a while, she was also the news anchor for our local TV station, and now she is a certified fitness instructor!!!.. and she has the time to be a a mom to 2 gorgeous girls!