Saturday, January 26, 2008

a fun week!


The girls have had a lot of fun this week. First off, Uncle Dusty came around & played with the girls. Grace LOVES him, probably because he will throw her around, and entertain her non-stop!! he's such a great uncle ( He married Dayna's younger sister a couple of months back)
We also took the girls swimming yesterday, well I say we, Dayna was in the water,and i stayed at the side with Ethan. i didn't want him going in until I had seen his doctor on wednesday! They had so much fun splashing around. Grace is so brave going down the slide and swimming by herself.. she must get that from Dayna's side, as my whole family are NOT water babies at all! lol..
I did have quite the experience there.. i was feeding Ethan, and a complete stranger came up to me and asked " is there a reason you are not breastfeeding your child!!".. i was so stunned i just stuttered, about not having milk blah blah blah.. she then went on to say " well only 1% of women have that condition, did you try hard enough?.. I was floored!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just said " yes i did", and turned away.. i wish i would have said something more, but maybe it was better that i didn't!!! haha
also this week, My best friend Rachel had a baby boy, Tyler James, he was 3 weeks early, and 7lbs 8!!.. they are doing good.

I also hit my 10lbs mark with 'body for life'.. 40lbs to go!! lol
have a good one!