Monday, September 10, 2007

I love new things!!!

My dining room suite came this week, I was so excited to get it. However, everytime I see Grace running with a fork, i can just see my leather chairs been demolished!!! haha ( not that it has happened yet)!! We also got our new dishwasher, which is working sooo great.. hoorrah!! the Only problem with it, is that it's stainless steel and Ella likes to help, so there are finger marks all over it.. but oh well!!!

The biggest change for us this week, was Dayna setting up his own painting company. ' Total Effects painting'! He just decided he might as well work for himself and make more money!.. It's pretty scary to leave a well paid job, and to risk everything, but we feel good about it, and he's already been called up for jobs, which is great!!

Nothing much else to report this week.. but here are a few pics we have taken.

Heidi & Gang!!


The Whidden Family said...

The new dining set looks great! And I am so jealous you have a dishwasher! Ahhh! I want one so bad.

Nancy said...

That set is sooo nice. I'm glad Dayna is working for himself now, I think that is great. I'm also glad you finally got your blog going!