Monday, September 17, 2007

Grace 1st day of pre-school!!!

It was an exciting day today in the Dressel household. Grace started pre-school. For the 1st time in ... forever, i had to go and wake her up ( why can't that happen on a normal day, so i could sleep in!).. anyways, she opened her eyes and said " mommy, i am so excited, today is school!!" We got her ready, and off we went. She was a little shy for a minute and then she went to play with the puzzles and that was is, she was happy as can be. Her best friend Bridgit started too, so she had tons of fun. In the mean time Ella was pretty sad that she couldn't stay, she had already found a spot she liked and was playing!!! ... typical Ella!!!

We went to pick her up 2.5hrs later and she gave me a huge smile, and said she liked it, she collected her craft and off we went back home.. I'm so proud of her. I am still shocked I have a child in Pre-school.. i swear she was just born!.. well here are a few pics of her today!


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angie said...

Wow, I can't believe how grown up she is. When is your little boy going to be here?