Saturday, November 14, 2009

a Must see!

Last year this great family moved into our ward. The Burton Family. It was soo funny, they had been building a home and it was taking longer than expected so for months we heard all about them. When they finally arrived, I felt like i already knew them! They are so cute. The mom Jasmine, is a doll. She is one of those ladies who always seems to have it altogether, though she assures me she doesn't ( i don't believe her ;) Her 2 daughters were in my activity day group and they were truly angels. Always friends, always obedient and just a joy to be around.
Now her husband will always hold a special place in my heart ( why, you are wondering), well a few years back Grace was very sick. we took her to the doctors and Dr Burton was on call that night. We didn't know them at the time. He was amazing with Grace. They suspected she had west nile virus, and she was so sick, i was scared beyone scared. He was amazing, Had her straight at the hosptial for tests and even called me late in the evening to give me the good news that all was going to be ok. He really went out of his way to make me confortable and happy.
Anyways, after they moved it i heard he also was an amazing songwritter/singer and had won various awards.
I jsut today stumbled upon his new song. I barely got past the first line without having a lump n my throat! It's about christmas and this is him in his home with his family..oh i HAD to share with all my friends!

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Lynn said...

You know THAT Wayne Burton?? So cool!!!!!! I didn't even make the connection until I clicked on the link. So neat to know more about his family and personal life. Sounds like they are GREAT friends. That's the best thing ever. : D