Tuesday, November 17, 2009

melted heart

Sometimes as moms we are not sure if we teach our kids the right things, but this week Grace just made me feel like i was doing ok.

We were sat in church, sarcrament meeting was about to start and her little friend walked passed, obviously upset. Grace asked " lizzy, whats wrong", her mom replied that "lizzy cant find the picture she drew in primary". they sat down and i could tell grace was upset, she quickly got up, grabbed her picture and said, i will be right back mom, i want lizzy to have my picture". I was so proud of her. she has such a tender heart.


Lynn said...

AWwww.....you should be proud of her. What a beautiful little sweetheart. Her heart is as pretty as she is. : D

Lynn said...

Missing you! How is everything going in the little town of "R"?