Monday, August 3, 2009

beds, beds, beds

*** above it what i am planning to do with my master room... or something like it!

This is the white one that i really love

this is the set we have now

expresso chocoalte

I would really like to do some work on my guest room. No one hardly ever stays, but I do want it to look nicer. So i was thinking of putting my cherry sleigh bed down there and then getting us a new one. which comes to my next thing. I really want to re-do my master bedroom. I know, i know, didn't i just do it like 18 months ago.. yep, and thats the English in me, always wanting to change things. Right now, it's chocolate & amber, very warm looking, but i am thinking i would like to go brighter, and refreshing. So, of couse been married to someone who owns his own painting company, i know i can get that done cheap! ahha. I think i want antique white on 3 walls and then either wallpaper or an brightish apple green, then with black & white accessories. If you scroll back a few pages on my blog you will see the idea of what i would like. So here are some bed sets i like. I do relaly love the white, but i wonder if 1) if will wreck to easily and scratched up, and 2) will it date way quicker that the others? mmhhh choices!! and i have to bed and plead with Dayna first! haha


Lynn said...

What a FUN post.

You and I are SO alike. Love that you dream and imagine like this. Great ideas and plans.

I totally like the white one too. But yes...scratches do appear sooner if the kids are in your room often playing, but you know....any color of wood would. Besides....the worn in look is SO in. SO I would go with white if that's what you want the most.

But either way.....they are all great looks.

Keep us posted! Would love to see the changes if any.

The Gibb Family said...

They are all really nice! I do love the dark ones though! Also, I do love the wintery feel of your blog! :)