Friday, June 19, 2009

My sister Abi

I just wanted to show this gorgeous picture of my sister Abi. Isn't she beautiful. Abi came to live with my family as a foster child when I was on my mission. The day I got home, she asked " when are you going back"! I guess she was a little scared of me coming home, incase there wasn't room for her. She was only about 5 at the time! She was soo cute, and I fell in love with her then! My parents fostered her for years, and then we finally got permission to adopt her. It takes YEARS in the UK. WE finally got her sealed to us about 3 years ago. She actually was sealed in the Cardston Temple. Since my parents & I are the only active members of my family ( my other 2 sisters are not active), we thought it would be great to do it here, when they came over for Ella's blessing. So that was so great. She was also taught the discussions from Dayna when she was 8! Thats how my family got to know him pretty well, though i didn't know him at all really back then.
so anyways.. she is turning 18 soon!, i can't beleive it!


Lynn said...

Oh how cool! What a NEAT story! We have SO much in common! Thanks for sharing and yes...what a beautiful sister you have! Truly.

Tiffany said...

Such a great story and yes she is BEAUTIFUL...that is so neat how Dayna taught her the discussions, what a awesome story to have in your family.

Heather said...

I LOVE THIs story! she is beautiful!!! how darling! I love hearing this! love you girl!!!