Thursday, June 11, 2009

A family walk!

Dayna didn't have to work today, so we packed up the kids and drove a few minutes to Pavan Park to walk one of the trails. It was soo fun. Ella was sad that she didn't see rabbits? and Ethan was happy picking up sticks, and it made Graces Day that she got to ride her bike everywhere! I love days like this, when we are together as a family, just chilling out, no stresses, the kids can just wander around, and it's not too hot/cold!! I love my little family. They are growing up so fast. Ethan was our last baby, and i feel like i just had him, but when i look at him i wonder where the time has gone!


Jodi Pilling said...

SO cute! I love the picture of you & your hubby...DARLING!

Heather said...

honestly! I LOVE THE PIC of the girls kissing! SOO sweet! ooh you look gorgeous! how fun a walk!!! looks like a blast! what a beautiful place! you guys are soo cute!

The Lowry's said...

Such precious photos to treasure. Oh by the way I have a cd of all the pictures I took that one day if you want them. Then you have all the photos in true size. Grace does amazing to ride her bike with no training wheels! Way to go.