Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i'm going home!

I just found a flight to England for $500! amazing. i am flying on the 22nd april, and staying a week. i am super excited. I wish Dayna could come with me, I am dreading taking Ethan ( 30lbs) on a 9 hr flight alone in 1 seat! aaagggh, but it will be worth it!


Lynn said...

Oh how exciting! Good for you. THere is nothing like visiting back home with family. HAve a great time!

Michelle said...

Oh yay for you, that's so exciting! I hope the flight goes well - take lots of treats, haha! I just did a one hour flight home from my family in Vancouver and I thought that was bad! Find out if you can get an empty seat beside you to give you a little more space. You'll be fine and it will be WORTH IT! Have a great time!

Heather said...

EXCITING! i am soo happy for you! horray! that will be SUCH A BLAST! except for the flight! but, that is A STEAL OF A DEAL! So i am way happy for you!