Tuesday, February 10, 2009

' War Wounds'

Ethan with hiw ''owie' patched up
In the ER waiting to see the Doc.. i had my camera..weird!

my nice fat lip!

On sunday morning I was reading Ethan a story, i was trying to turn the page and he was been a turkey, i pulled one way, he another, and SMACK, it hit me right in the mouth, i felt it split, and it started to bleed. I had a huge fat lip for church, and I've never had a split lip before.. let me tell you it stinking hurts!!

THEN today I was typing on facebook, Ethan was on my lap and he lunged forward, i tried to catch him but i was too late, and he Smacked his head on the computer hard drive. he was screaming and as I picked him up I saw the blood pouring from his head. I am usually not calm in these situations, but I just ran up stairs with him, yelled for Dayna, got a damp cloth, tried to stopthe bleeding etc. We got it to slow down, and cleaned it up, it wasn't big but deep. Dayna said we needed to take him to the ER, so i took him 3 hrs later, they told me he needed 3 stitches, but he wouldn't sit still, so they just put glue & tape on it, and off we went. he wa soo brave!! His first real big owie!!!..oh and as i was telling Dayna how calm i thought i was, he rolled his eyes and said " Heidi, you were near on hysterical" ! lol

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Tiffany said...

Hey Heidi I am glad to see poor little Ethan is going to be okay. Boys will be boys. Hunter who is 3 has had stiches four times...what does that say about me as a mom? LOL.