Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cute hair & she's so grown up!

I feel so bad, i am such a girly girl, truly I am , but i cannot do hair for the life of me. My poor girls, So my sis inlaw to be was up and i got her to do Graces hair, it's so dang cute!

Grace is getting bigger by the day. I wanted to do a little post about her. She's so funny. I have to tell u this story, i will try & keep it short. So i was doing her hair on Sunday and she said to me, " mommy, how do babies get in your tummy".. oh crap, here it comes i thought to myself. At 5 i thought she was way too young to have the 'birds and bee's' talk, but i wanted to be honest, so i just said ' well there is an egg and a seed and they are all inside and when they get together they make a baby. She looked content with that, until she realised what i said and she said " but mommy, i HATE egg's, how am i gonna have a baby?"! lol I just burst out laughing!!.. oh the joys we have with our kids!!


The Gibb Family said...

Hahaha! Kids are so funny! I love the stuff that they think of.

Heather said...

Her hair is sooo cute! and man! that dress is PRECIOUS!!what a doll!