Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lacie's baby shower

I threw my sister in law, Lacie a baby shower tonight. It was so much fun. As you know Brigham was born on new years day.. He's soo cute, and looks soo much like his dad. We played a couple of games, and had a yummy cake. It was an early evening shower, so I got away with doing just a dessert!!! we opened gifts and visited. Yeah, for precious little babies!

Oh and Lace looks amazing.!!


Lynn said...


I just stumbled upon your blog from the Gibb's blog. Small world. I am loving your posts. It's great to see how you and your sweet family are doing.

Dean and I are both from Rosemary (just in case you don't remember us.) said...

oh yes, of course i remember you. I am glad you found us. I love blogs, it helps me catch up with everyones life! :)

Where are you living now?