Saturday, January 3, 2009

Goals for 2009!

Tis the seasons to make new goals. I have a few form last year that I am carrying over and a few new ones!

To lose my last 25lbs. I lost 50lbs last year ( inc Ethans baby weight), pretty good, but i still need to get this last 25lbs off. gggrrr

To Spend more time with the kids, making memories. I sometimes hear myself saying over and over, just a minute i need to clean , or shower, or finish this & that. I need to remember they won't stay this little forever.

To continue having FHE. We have struggled with this, but we seem to be on a roll, hopefully we can continue it on.. and then following this, I need to be better at family prayers/scriptures. We do really well with saying prayers with the kids individually at bed time, but we need to do it better as a family.

To spend quality time with Dayna. Not just watching TV, or him watching & me reading!!

There's a few to start with! lol..let's see how i do!

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Heather said...

I LOVE your goals, and scary enough, i have the same ones! i am SERIOUS!!!! i mean, i tell you, we DO have a lot in common! anyways, what have you found for FHE? we are not soo good at that.. kirk always just wants to put on a video or something, that is lame! i want to do productive things.. and, yes i hear you about spending more time with the kids, as i am spending it on the computer! hahahahahah
oh well!

good LUCK! you can do it!:O)