Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Day

made these Tutu's.. i tihnk they turned out so cute!

WEll our day started early, Grace actually woke from 11pm til 1am on christmas eve, she noticed Santa's cookies had gone and was too excited to go back to sleep. She eventually did, and they all woke at 7am. I just love seeing their faces. Santa leaves their stockings on their bed, so they open them first, and then we open gifts together.. here is what they got ( mainly so i remember for next year)

Grace & Ella ( pretty much got same stuff... less fighting)!

princess enchanted talking kitchen

stroller and baby crib

diamond castle barbies each

magnetic dolls each

jumbo colouring books

stamping sets



barbies city & fashion

.. jeesh they get so much stuff i can't remember it all!

Ethan loved playing with his sort shaper, and train set.. and mainly just the paper!!

We then rushed to Rosemary to spend the rest of the day with Dayna's family. it was nice, but i probably will stay home next year. They live 2hrs away, we couldn't take all their toys, and well we will be home next year. The only person missing was Lacie ( Dayna's sister), her baby was due onthe 26th so she didn't want to travel, and we missed her.. and still no baby!!

It was a nice christmas time!

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