Thursday, November 6, 2008

tagged!.. Thanks kari!

my fav room.. the girls room!
my kitchen sink

yikes my fridge

my tiny closet that i HATE

laundry room

what my family is doing right now

my fav shoes ( kenneth cole) that i can't wear now as it's snowing

Sorry I should have posted this last week, and forgot.. jeesh!, and i LOVE this kind of think, i'm dorky i know!

You have to stop what you are doing and take the following pictures NOW. No excuses! If you don't have time to blog just take the pictures NOW and blog when you can!! No cleaning or re-arranging, just have fun taking the pictures!
1. Kitchen Sink

2. Favorite room

3. Fridge

4. Closet

5. Laundry room

6. Self Portrait... i seriously can't right now !lol

7. What you or your family are doing

8. Dream Vacation.. i didn;t have a pic, but hawaii

9. Favorite Shoes

10. Bathroom

i tag, angie ( both) , nancy, julie, mush, marie, carmen, everyone else who i forgot!

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The Gibb Family said...

your little girls room is so cute! I want a girl!!