Wednesday, November 19, 2008

my poor sick girls

The flu has been going around like wildfire here. First Grace got it, throwing up for days. I went through soo many sheets, I felt like by whole house stunk of puke!.. she started to feel better and then Ella got it, i was really worried as Ella can't take any meds, as soon as she looks at them she throws up ( before she has even taken it)... so i was a little worried if she got a fever. She too threw up for 3 days, was soo weak, and then she got a fever, she must have felt really bad becuase she took meds ( 1st time in 2.5 years),and now she keeps aksing for more. She took about 5 days to feel normal, in that time Dayna got it. He was laid in the bathroom for hours, and took 3 days off work, so we knew he was sick. So far Ethan & I have escaped it, but today i am not feeling the greatest... BUT i can't get it, i am going away on friday for my girls weekend away.. I need this soo much, so pray for me!!


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