Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's good to dream!

we would love a huge wrap around deck :)

I would LOVE a kitchen like one of these!, minus all the ivy on the 3) pic!!!

When the kids are in bed and Dayna is busy, I love to surf the web and look at homes, decor and anytihng 'homey'. I am very traditional when it comes to decorating. I can really appreciate the modern style, but it's not really me. So here are some of my little dreams in life!

a big kitchen. I imagine an old english farm house with a HUGE kitchen.. sadly mine is tiny, but we are talking dreams here ! lol a big master suite, with ensuite and walk in closets.. with a fireplace in each!


Angie said...

I love to dream and look at pictures too...and I love the wrap around deck...I love having people over and entertaining, so I just really need a big house...big kitchen, spare rooms, walk in closets, etc...and I would love an outdoor year-round covered deck...fireplace, grill, etc...that way we can enjoy the outdoors all year long!

KristinNB said...

*Sigh* I want a big house, with a big yard, with a big pool.. I love to dream..

The Gibb Family said...

You don't like all of that gorgeous ivy?!?! :P I too am a dreamer - but I'm still stuck in a teeny little rental place! Someday!