Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ella's too cute!

Well I think i worked out where the guy came from, i looked him up and he seems to have a store or something that deals with a lot of Kids stuff. So i think he must have certain words come up and he then looks, cause i got links to kids funiture etc.

still it kinda creeped me out though.!

So i just got the girls some fall outfits. Ella is soo easy to dress, she will wear anything i give her. Grace since been 18 months old has has huge meltdowns about clothes. So everything i bought her felt weird, too long, itchy, you get it.. she drove me nuts. So I am pretty sure she will be wearing the same outfits this falls season! lol
Ethan is hard too, because he's a big baby ( 25lbs @ 10 months old), he wears 18 month pants, but they are sooo long on him! lol
Anyways, shopping would be fun if they would wear what i bought!! so a few hundred dollors later, grace is refusing to wear anything i bought. Ella is wearing ANYHING i bought, and Ethan doesn't care! lol

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