Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taber Corn Fest

This weekend we took the kids to Taber ( A neighouring town), for their annual corn Festival. We always have such a good time. Eating corn, going on rides, eating cotton candy and snow cones. The weather was hot, and it was so busy this year, but we had fun. my camera died, so i don't have many pics of the kids on the rides, and they LOVED it. Ethan was jsut happy knawing on a corn cob!! It was so nice as Dayna's mom was able to come with us this year too.

What else has been happening.. mmmhh my good friend Zoe had a baby girl, Hadley Jane ( i LOVE her name),

I am already preparing for Grace going to Kindergarten NEXT year, looking into school's etc.. hw scary!

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