Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Grace on drugs..

I wish, oh so wish, you could have seen Grace today. She had an appointment to check out her kidneys, she has suffered from bladder infections since birth, and had 2 in the past month. So off we went to the hospital, when we got there they gave her a pink & white hospital gown.. she was not happy, she said, and i quote " what the heck, i don't even look cute in it, I aint wearing it"... she was most upset that people might see her panites...after telling her no-one else had a pink and white one, she was quite pleased with herself, and sat there. the nurses came out and gave her some medicine to sedate her. They said after 5 mins they are usually pretty out of it, and we would know... so after a few minutes, she starts smiling at weird things, random things. She then gave me a book to read and she starts telling me to read it, totally slurring her words and giggling..( i really wanted to ask for more of this stuff to bring home).. we then were taken into the room, as she is walking down the hall her butt is hanging out of the gown, & she doesn't care at all. i love this stuff! they lie her down, fit a catherter, and blow up her bladder and make her pee on the table. Dayna & I both looked at each other like " you will never get her to pee on the table", she is VERY reserved in those matters... but HECK NO, there she was smiling giggling, peeing on the table. Good news was that her kidneys and bladder were fine, i guess she is just prone to them. When we got her changed, we were waiting outside the room, she started laughing and saying " look mommy, those pictures are moving.. hi, people".... she was talking about the man and woman signs for the bathrooms, she thought they were moving!... we had a very fun morning! lol

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