Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ella gets a new bed :)

I went into Ella's room the other day and found her like this... i presume she has grown out of her toddler bed, and so off I went the next day to the furniture store. I found a great deal on a bed from the same collection as Grace's came from. I had to have them matching somwhow, but I alwso wanted them to have their own this was a perfect solution. Grace got the sleigh bed & Ella got the 4 poster bed ( i took off the posts.. you KNOW they would have been swinging on them)! I LOVE it,and so far she has not even fallen out. I put her crib matress under the bed and pull it out on a night just in case, but so far so good! here is the room!


Pasifik said...

How lovely it is. i'm sure ella will have a nice sleep every night in her new toddler bed.



Marie B. said...

What a cute girl's rom!