Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lethbridge Floods

So as we were enjoying Canada Day weekend at Dayna's Parents, this is what was happening at home... we came home to a bit of a mess inthe basement, but compared to most we were very very lucky.. crazy that my inlaws only live 1.5hrs away! lol.. here is a clip from the local paper

The mayor of Lethbridge, Alta., lifted a state of emergency on Wednesday after a torrential downpour damaged at least 60 homes in the southern Alberta city.
Bob Tarleck, the mayor of Lethbridge, declared a state of emergency Tuesday after 45 millimetres of rain dropped in less than two hours and 25 millimetres of hail dropped in about a half hour.
By 9 p.m. on Canada Day, city officials had received reports that about 60 homes had been damaged by flooding and more calls are expected.
The torrential downpour caused damage to dozens of homes and forced road closures as local streets became flooded and cars were partially submerged in the water.
Tarleck said the city will apply for help through the province's disaster recovery program.
Earlier on Wednesday, Tarleck told Canada AM that the city suffered about $2 million in damages.

ps andrea, i stole the pic of your yard!!

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