Friday, June 20, 2008


Poor Ella, We went to the park on Wednesday and she wanted so bad to go on the big girl swing. I let her sit on it and pushed her gently, She was on a good while, and I turned around for 1 second and she fell off, smacked the back of her head. I picked her up, she was screaming, and I was pretty calm. my friend mackenzie was with us, and asked " is she bleeding", i was like " no, then i felt it, i panicked a bit, and was like " she's bleeding, she's bleeding".. we got her back to the house, and she would not let us look at her head. We knew it wasn't gushing, so that was a good sign. I took her to the ER, and she would not let them near her. It took 2 docs and 2 nurses, ( inthe end they had to wrap her up in a blanket, so she couldn't fight them!!!).. and they glued the cut, instead of stitching. She would have only needed 2 stitches though. So my 1st child to have stitches/glue. Thanks Mackenzie for watching Grace, ( who bTW was distraught, and cried, and asked her dad if they had to glue Ella's head back on! lol)
We are going back to the park today.... wish me luck!


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carrie said...

Getting a little kid stitched (or glued!) up is the worst!
Did they just do a blanket or a body board thing? When Alex got stitches, they strapped him onto a baby body board and then we had the nurse hold his head really still, which took a LOT of effort. He was SO MAD!!!
We went to Jon's work a week or so later and the hall we were in kind of looked like the ER and Alex was freaking out and crying because the ER experience was so traumatizing for him.
Hopefully Ella can get over her fun little experience soon! And at least you don't have to go and get the stitches removed!