Monday, April 28, 2008

my break in Calgary.

Dayna had a few days off this week, so i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take a trip to Calgary to stay with my good friend Nancy. I had never travelled so far alone. Plus this was the first trip I had taken without kids since Grace was born 4.5years ago.. I am not kidding!!! So i packed and off I went. I didn't get lost once, i was so proud of myself.
I arrived at Nancy's new home. She just moved a few weekend ago,and it's GORGEOUS!.. i mean who wouldn't love living in a community with a private lake!!.... uuumhhh i would in a heart beat!
We went to the funnest store called Home Sense, it's a outlet kind of place for homewares, i was like a kid in a candy store. So fun. Nancy helped me pick out some things that would look good in my living room, she has good taste!! We then went to have a treat at krispy kreme donuts, i had never had one, i about died.,. they were soo good!! We then went to eat at this little Italian place which was good but really busy. the people next to us were sooo close i felt like they were sat with us! lol

In the evening we had some people over to the 'welcome back Grey's" night. It was so fun. i had not been to bed so late in years!!!
The next day we went to Ikea and bought a few other things, and had lunch then I packed up and came home.... The kids were so good for Dayna too. I had a blast!

Thanks Nancy!

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