Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy 4th birthday Grace :)


Monday was Grace's 4th birthday. She had such a great day. She woke up and we had all her gifts laying out, she opened 2, then we had to rush off to pre-school. She was so excited as she got to take the snack and 'show & share'. She took lemon cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles on top ( that i made all night!!.. i love been a mom)!... then for show and share she took roses from Lacies wedding, and Ethan ( she wanted to show off her brother). After she was done, we came home, she opened the rest of her gifts, and once again she got wayyy to many!...
We asked her where she wanted to go for dinner, and she said she wanted dad to make her Steak, potaotes ad gravy.. can u belive that! lol she also said she didn't want a cake, but cupcakes with pink icing!
it was bitter cold out, and we didn't really want to venture outside, so for fun we put up our christmas decorations. She had so much fun decorating the tree, i think we will make it a tradition!.. she also got to speak to all her aunties uncles and grandparents!
yeah for birthdays!! :)

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