Wednesday, August 8, 2007

i'm back!

Well after 2 months of not letting me sign in my username, i tried again today, and voila!!!

We have now only 10 weeks until our baby boy arrives. Somedays it feels like tomorrow, and others, i feel like i have been pregnant forever! The thought of gaining weight for another 10 weeks, makes me wanna puke!! hahha

We are pretty sure on his name, but we will see what he looks like. We asked Grace for some suggestions, she gave us a few, and the next day, said, " why don't we call him Jesus"... mmmmhhhh no!!

Ella is my main concern, she is obsessed with her baby doll, but when she is mad, the doll usually get thrown on the floor and stomped on.. what a drama queen.. I have no clue where she gets that from :)

well, let me see, it's been a quiet summer really. Dayna has been able to go on a few camping trips with his buddies. he's actually there right now!.. he's due home today, and I can't wait :) I have already told him not to plan much this week, I have girls night, my hair cut and highlighted, and a pedicure booked.. I think I have earned it!!!! lol

I promise to keep this updated. Mainly because it will also be used as my joural!! hee


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